Additional Inscriptions and Renovations

Although our main function is the manufacturing and retailing of memorials, we also provide a large range of other memorial related services.

Additional Inscriptions

Composing an appropriate inscription to follow on from an existing inscription can be a challenge, but we can help you. Our experienced staff will provide guidance and advice on the wording which best suits the existing inscription, the memorial, and your wishes.

Time served craftspeople will carry out the work on site or if necessary, in one of our workshops. The inscription will be added in a style which will match the original as closely as possible, but individual lettering techniques mean exact replication is not always achievable.


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Getting your memorial professionally cleaned can make old, tired and dirty memorials look new again (see before and after photographs). Some moulds, algae and lichens are extremely difficult to remove but our fully trained personnel can carefully apply a special solution to help rejuvenate the memorial.

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Inscription Renovation

When a memorial is getting professionally cleaned, we recommend that the opportunity is taken to renovate the existing inscription at the same time. Although an inscription may appear to be in reasonable condition prior to having the memorial cleaned, it is likely the inscription will be affected during the cleaning process.

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Subsidence, poor foundations or vandalism can all affect the stability of a memorial. These can result in a memorial leaning at an angle or worse, lying flat on the ground. Often burial authorities lay down memorials deemed to be unsafe. We can rebuild or resecure your memorial to give you peace of mind that it will remain long standing.

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If you are unhappy with the wording or layout of the inscription on your family memorial, then our skilled stone masons can grind down the surface to remove all the original information. This allows you to compose a new inscription or design to suit your wishes. We can supply drawings or an inscription layout for your approval prior to commencing any work.

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Free Inspection

We offer a free inspection service. At your request, we will carry out a detailed examination of the memorial and provide our recommendations for adding a new inscription, cleaning, repairs or improvements, along with the costs to carry out any work. If no work is required, we will advise accordingly.

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